Rachelle Appelle


                                 Artistic Custom Clothing for Women

                                 Two layer bubble dress with burnout silk outer layer and metallic silk chiffon inner layer.

                                                         Metallic silk chiffon dress with vintage cotton lace inset.

                                                Metallic silk chiffon and silk georgette bubble dress with front pockets.

                                            Dress made of silk georgette printed with rows of robots and silk chiffon details.

                                Silk burnout velvet and metallic silk chiffon backless blouse and hand beaded silk chiffon shrug.    

                                                        Draped silk jersey dress with hand beaded neckline.

                                                   Silk georgette and silk chiffon dress with hand beaded silk neckline.

                                                   Venise lace and silk dupioni dress with hand woven silk details.

                                          Burnout silk velvet dress with velvet/cotton venise lace trim and Swarovski crystals.

                                                       Thai silk, silk satin, silk organza tailored dress with shell buttons at back.

                                                                    Leather and suede dress with silk organza details.

                                              Hand beaded silk chiffon dress with silk duchess satin bodice and bow.

                         Man's navy Italian virgin wool sport coat with silk lining and details over hand beaded silk chiffon dress.

                              Vintage silk dress with pink dupioni silk details and multiple layers of Venise lace trim.

                          Purple and black plaid wool suit with leather collar and cuffs.  Hand screen printed leather corset.

                                  Bias 4-ply silk crepe gown with hand beaded silk back and crystal buttons.

                                         Jacquard weave China silk asymetrically cut dress with open lace-up back.  

Draped silk charmeuse blouse with raw silk collar.  Paisley jacquard weave waist cincher.  Full hand dyed silk taffeta and iridescent silk/metallic organza skirt.

                                          Vintage assymetrical silk dress with hand dyed feathers at neckline.

                                     Draped metallic knit blouse.  Hand dyed silk corset.  Silk dupioni bustle skirt.